Sunday, September 6, 2009

*Someone Had A Birthday...Shout Hurray! | Lethbridge Photographer

Little Miss "M" had her 1st Birthday! So we decided to celebrate in a golden field under the sunshine with a balloon (there were originally 4 balloons....don't ask) and a cake and some pretty fun chairs! Her mom, brought so many fun props and hats and accessories for the shoot, unfortunately the little lady wasn't having any of it though(see last image lol)...However, she did give me about 10 great minutes in the beginning with lots of smiles and adorableness..

I was lucky to have my good friend and fellow photog Shelley Forsberg along for the session as well! It's always fun to shoot together, she always has my back :)(except for when she let the balloons go...but that is neither here nor there ;)

Thanks Little Miss & her Mommy as well...for bringing me along to celebrate your 1st year!

Poor little girl...she wasn't really in the party mood...I still think she is super cute and sweet :)


Ashley said...

You're stuff is looking amazing Devon! Seriously!

Shelley said...

Hahaha...I tried my best with the balloons...apparently I can't be trusted with them!! LOL

Hopefully I will do better next time! Good times as always:)