Sunday, September 6, 2009

* I'm All Mixed Up!....| Lethbridge Photographer

So, I just blogged completely out of order, and now as I type this I realize that none of you would have been the wiser...but alas, I confess my mixed up ways to the world wide web...(I'm not really vain enough to think the world stops in here to check out my work ;)...but you know what I mean)

So without further ado...or blog babble from me..

here are some images from a few of my most recent sessions..(this might be a long post..just a warning!)

enjoy :)

oh..and because I haven't said it in a little while...

Thank you...Thank you over and over and over again for stopping in, for viewing my work and my heart and all of these beautiful faces and moments that I have been so blessed to be able to capture..

I'm feeling grateful and humble....and well...just blessed...that's the best word :)

Most importantly..Thank you to my clients past, present & mean the world to me..thank you for letting me into your lives and families and moments..

This is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life..

thank you.


My life can get pretty crazy sometimes, said...

Every-day I look for a new post, I love your work and *drool*. Cheers!=)

Michele said... have just succeeded in giving me goosebumps. Your words paired with your images make you one of the best bloggers around. The photos in this post are all great.....I adore the one of the 4 (sisters)?!

Kristi Steeger said...
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Kristi Steeger said...'s shows I deleted my post...I made a type!!! Anyhow,here's what I said!! girl, your recent stuff just blows me away. I am in love with your work and you are such an inspiration!!! Your work is special because it's so YOU. You can tell in every picture that your heart went into it. I'm so proud of you. And i LOVE the elephant pic!! Awwwww!!!

Kristi Steeger said...

Oh dear...yet another TYPO not type. I need to go to bed. You are amazing, gal!!