Sunday, August 23, 2009

* Chill'n with Rob & Lauren Photographers...| Lethbridge Photographer

This past weekend I had the fatastical opportunity of being able to attend a workshop hosted by the extremely talented and super cool photography duo rob and lauren The workshop was hosted by them in their cozy little living room, it was attended by myself and 9 other lady photographers from around the Edmonton area (accept for me and my photog friend Shelley..we drove up from Lethbridge and made a weekend of it :) The day was jammed packed full of information, tips, resources and good times! Rob & Lauren were amazing hosts who were open, generous with their knowledge, and just all around funny/cool people...The day's highlight came at the end when we were able to scout a location together and partake in a photo shoot with our models-the recently married Michelle & BJ :) ( to check out their real wedding images taken by Rob & Lauren visit their blog <----They seriously R.O.C.K (oh and there is a pretty funny shot of all of us from the chill session on their blog too..go over and check us out!)

I definitely came away from the "Chill Session" with tons of new information and a renewed determination to be the best photographer that I can be..

Thanks Rob, Lauren & Scooter(their cat) for the fun times!

Here are some of my images from the day...enjoy!!

Oh, and I almost forgot...They demonstrated some highly technical professional tricks for getting "the shot" Here are a couple pictures of them in it!


stephanie said...

oh man! that looks like a super fun day. WELL DONE.

Kelli Olsen said...

seriously Dev, they are so stunning! You need to do weddings!

andrea blair said...

HA love it!

Michele said...

Luck you! It looks like they put on a great session and you had a lot of fun - I wonder if Brooke will let me climb up on her shoulders!!!!!!? Ha! The first black and white is my fave, I lovvvvve her expression:)