Sunday, July 12, 2009

* Goodmorning Sun.....| Lethbridge Photographer

I spent a full week with my whole family (minus my lil bro :( at our good friend's cottage in Tobermory, Ontario...It was everything that I had been missing, everything that I needed to feel healthy and happy and renewed....That place will forever be the keeper of many of my most cherished memories...

One of the memories I will hold on to for some time is of the morning that I arrived...My dad picked me up at the airport Friday night at midnight, we drove 5 hours to the cottage, just him and I...getting reacquainted after 6 months of being was a nice drive...neither of us slept..we just chatted, like old I had never left...I love my dad.

We pulled into the cottage, my heart skipped a few beats as memories from the last time id been there 16 yrs before came rushing back to mom welcomed us at the door just as the sun was peaking over the trees across the lake...

I could have went to bed...instead my fingers itched to press the shutter release on my ears ached to hear the sweet melodic click...I reached for my camera...its a shame that we sleep through such unbridled after day...I saw two sunrises while I was at the cottage...two of the most beautiful sights I have seen in a long long time...I drank it all in, and it was just what I needed...

These images don't even begin to do it justice...but I share them nonetheless..

enjoy :)


This is my dad...this image was not just happened...and I cherish it :)


Ashley said...

Well I'm glad you had a fabulous time and I'm even more glad that you're back! Love the pictures too! Beautiful.

I was also wondering what your October was looking like. You know, for a photo shoot of a family of four in dire need of family pictures!!!

Love ya!

Kelli Olsen said...

beautiful! pics and words!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post!
it made me teary eyed.