Friday, July 17, 2009

* Down On The Farm.....| Lethbridge Photographer

I was so lucky to have had the opprotunity to photograph this family. We did the whole session on the family farm, which I instantly fell in love with! So much character in the old buildings, beautiful lush green grass (hard to come by in southern Alberta!!) a pretty neat vintage blue truck and a lot of memories from this family's life all rolled into one lovely location! Not to mention the people themselves and how warm, friendly and photogenic they were...I mean seriously, look at them!
I had a really great time getting to know all of them, some I had photographed before and others I had not...It was a perfect evening :)

* Thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Shelley Forsberg for coming along to lend a helping hand!!

(It was hard to pick just a few to I have included a few more then a few :) I guess I can do that since its my blog and all!)

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brooke bowland said...

great locations! that first photo makes my heart smile...