Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grins & Giggles...

My little "bug" I cannot believe how fast time has gone by...I miss our cuddle times together when you were just brand new, and you smelled like heaven...

What can I say about these adorable children? They are some of my favourite kids to get in front of my camera, I am never disappointed with the results! Thanks Little Miss "T" , Little Miss "L" I know this will not be the last time your faces grace my blog!

I'd pay good money for eyelashes like these! Lucky girl!

My little munchkin Mr. "L" He always hams it up in front of my camera...These are some shots we did for Valentine's Day.

Some of my alllll time favourite photos of Baby "T" He melts my heart...

Little Mr. "B" & his sister Little Miss " J" two very charming little models!

Mr "T" is growing up! I hate it..so I will document every moment that I can. He will always have a special place in my heart.

Who wouldnt love this little face??

Some more of Little Beauty Miss "A"

Summer days with Miss "K"

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