Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Ties...

Baby Sister...Kick'n it at the beach...
I had the pleasure of spending just over a week with my family back home in southern Ontario about a month ago...It was a much needed holiday, although way too short and spent basically running in a million different directions! All in all it was lovely...I was once again reminded that I have a place in this world, a place that I will always call home..
I convinced my little sister Jenna to let me take a few pictures of with a couple cute outfits in hand we went down to the beach (Lake Erie) to do a fun little session....For those of you who don't know "Our Jenna" she is a carefree, fun loving, hilariously funny girl(even thought i posted mostly serious photos), who has no idea how gorgeous she is! I want to thank her for being such a great sport, for taking direction very well, even though she was nervous, for jumping off of the rocks time and time again so that i could get an "action" shot (so many times that she basically threw her back out...sorry!) and mostly..I want to let her know that I think she is stunningly beautiful, and that I enjoyed my time with her immensely....Thanks for the giggles baby sister..

The Fisher Family-I am so glad I got to meet these three..They were so sweet and easy to work with, Their little one is such a little doll, she didn't say a peep the whole time, despite being attacked by mosquito's! I just fell in love with her little cherub face...

The Smith Family-so adorable, a great couple with three beautiful children..Their daughter loved the camera, and their boys didn't really want anything to do with me..Despite their crazy little boy antics, I think we got some great shots! Most importantly we had alot of fun!

The Hamilton Sisters...(Melissa, Jen & Leah)

What lovely, brilliant and beautiful young women, a true pleasure to work with and photograph! I really wanted nothing more then to capture the true essence of who these girls are...I hope that comes across at least a little bit in the following images...

There were far too many to choose from...

My favourite :)

Love their little dancing gypsy feet...

Seeing Double! These adorable TWIN boys were visiting with their mommy from Vancouver!

(Unfortunately their dad had to stay to work) We had alot of fun tryingto get these little men to smile for my camera!

Watch out Heather...You are gonna have a couple of heart breakers on you hands!

I want twins!

My first Grad Shoot! I absolutely adored Amber's dress! She is a real beauty and was

a perfect model for me! I think we got some nice shots of her and her little one Brooklyn.
Thanks Amber! (Congrats on your Graduation!)

Picture perfect Clifton Family! This adorable blonde family are some of my best clients and biggest fans! With children as beautiful as these, how can I go wrong?

Check out the Maternity and Newborn sections to see the newest addition to this family
(Miss Hattie!)

More Cliftons! great genes must run in this adorable is their little girl?

Truly a joy to have in front of my camera!

The Renaud Family of 7! This growing family is made up of 5 little ones who love to pose for my camera! They are some of my biggest fans and greatest supporters! It is always a pleasure to capture their moments!

My best friend's family and extended family wanted some family pictures on their farm. So out we went to the hay bales and fields to capture some lovely little moments. What a great looking bunch of people! Thanks Olsens!

(They have since added a little princess to their family...check out her newborn shoot below!)

I went to Grade School and Highschool with Jenny, so when she asked me to do a session of her family while I was home visiting mine, I jumped at the chance. Her little ones are adorable, and the location was perfect! What a cute family!


Amelia Quinton said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful!

Kelli Olsen

ddphotography said...

gee thanks kelli! ok u get credit for writing...

Chantelle Turgeon said...

Hi Devon, Your photography is amazing. I check your blog and I must say you are quite talented. I'm just starting my own photography business in a small town and I admire your work very much. I'm looking for someone to share my passion with and to ask questions about this business. If you interested in sharing you can find me on facebook. Thanks and great photography.

Chantelle Turgeon

twarpula said...

Your locations are amazing!! Love the beach, the hay bails, the long bridge etc.. How cute were those twins?! What a great job you did.