Saturday, January 2, 2010

* Love Is A Many Splendored Thing....| Lethbridge Photographer

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, I was lucky enough to spend the holidays at home in Southern Ontario with my family. While there, I had the privilege of "shooting" my little sister Jenna ( I have always wanted to say that...hehe..just kidding!) and her boyfriend Troy. They were such great sports, we got up nice and early on my last day in town and braved the cold winter weather so that I could capture some warm and fuzzy moments between the two of them. I was really excited to shoot at this beautiful abandoned mansion on the Detroit River that my mom had shown me earlier in the week. It was built in 1816 and had so much character...I cant stop thinking about how lovely it must have been at one time and and hoping that someone will invest some TLC into it (and money!) so that it can be beautiful once again...(oh how I wish that I could!!..sigh...a girl can dream )

Jenna & Troy were alot of fun to capture with my camera, they instantly relaxed when they were together, Troy needed no direction from me, he was affectionate and warm when Jenna was by his side..It was sweet to see how much they care for one another :) And without sounding too biased, I have to say that I have never before seen my little sister look so gorgeous, These images truly capture her natural beauty..

Thanks kids for letting me be part of some of your sweet little moments together...

My Fav :)


Kelli Olsen said...

Yes Jenna is gorgeous! These pictures are really fantastic!

Alli said...

Beautiful "shots"!! You can just feel the love through them Dev!! And yep. SUPER cool location!!! I bet you could have just shot for hours and hours!