Friday, October 30, 2009

* Hurricane Hasegawa....| Lethbridge Family Photographer

I have entitled this post "Hurricane Hasegawa" because this was one heck of a fast family shoot! They blew in like the wind in one swift, whirlwind of a swoop and almost exactly 30 minutes later they blew right on out again!! Looking back it seems rather hilarious that we were able to do a family session with 6 people in such a short amount of time, but the sun was setting and the good ol Lethbridge wind was starting to blow in, so we did what had to be done!

I'm extremely grateful to my friend Shelley, she came along and together we were able to divide and conquer!! two cameras are definitely better than one!

Also, when you see how gorgeous this family is, you will understand how I was able to get some good stuff in such a short time...completely stunning family :)

The dad, Mark happens to be my boss as well, so it was kinda fun to be able to "boss" him around for once, I'm glad he didn't hold it against me on Monday morning..

Thanks Hasegawa Family, you guys rocked it out!

enjoy :)


Cassandra said...

Gorgeous! I love these - the colours are amazing!

Alli said...

GREAT moments!! Oh and great chair! ;o)