Monday, April 6, 2009

*Taking the scenic route...| Lethbridge Photographer

Here are a few facts about my life:

Fact. I live in Southern Alberta.(Canada)
Fact. Winter lasts way way way too long here.
Fact. Just when you think it is spring, it is winter again.
Fact. It is not very easy to find little children or families who want to brave the
wind and snow for photo shoots.
Fact. Even though it was freezing cold, windy and ridiculously snowy I could not
ignore the call of my camera, or the creativity bubbling up inside of me.
Fact. I learned to walk with my eyes open, to really see the world around me.
Fact. I fell in love with early Saturday morning adventures..just me and my d300.
Fact. The sweet melodic click of my shutter can calm all of my internal storms.
Fact. Everything is alive, and Life is beautiful.
Fact. This long long long winter changed the way I look at my surroundings.
Fact. Spring will eventually emerge and I will "shoot" people again.

until then..try taking the scenic route once in a while, you never know what beautiful adventures you may encounter..


Ashley said...

I like these a lot! Way to go Devon! Do you think that sometime you could let me tag along on your Saturday morning outings and teach me a few things?

Kelly said...

Devon! These are amazing! You are amazing. I love your blog and all thatt it displays about you! It is a special place that I love to come and visit. The photos are increedible- I'm going to pick one to be my screen backdrop!

Kelli Olsen said...

What a great post! and of course very beautiful pics! Remember how I use to make fun of you for taking scenic shots...well, I take it back...these are stunning and I am really enjoying them!

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

Thank you so much for appreciating all of my little really means alot to me..these images have alot of my heart in thank you for your kind words and compliments and for seeing the beauty i tried to capture:)

Ashley, Id love it if you joined me on a photographic adventure..really i mean it..that would be very fun.

Thank you for appreciating who I am, without even really "knowing" me..that means alot to have no idea.

Thanks for retracting your previous comment about noone wanting to see scenic when i did this post I thought of you and hoped i might be able to change your mind :) your post made me smile..Thank you for all of your love, support and blog love!

Brandi said...

I so love these! You are such a creative photographer and with your photographs you teach me to just take a moment and relax... look at the beauty surrounding us that we cannot always see in our busy lives.

Moments Photography said...

Fricken (can i say that on here?) AMAZING! So inspiring! You make southern Alberta look so pretty, thanks for showing it to us through your lens!! Is spring there yet? It's supposed to maybe snow here this weekend, end of April, no surprise there!!

Brooke Bowland said... will be doing the artwork for your own book. cause we all know you should be writing one!

Anonymous said...

I love the feel of these!