Monday, January 14, 2008

Up and running...or maybe walking..

OK, so i started this blog a few months back, thinking how hard can this really be? Just about everyone i know has a blog..piece of cake! Well for some reason i found it a bit challenging..I have since come to the realization that computers and I...we just don't i abandoned my blog..sad..but true! Now i have recommitted myself ( through trial and error and a little thing i like to refer to as..."blog snooping") to get this thing up and running...or at least walking...I think a blog is a great first step in displaying some of my favourite photos, along with my past, present and future photo shoots! I can't promise it's going to be very exciting at first, but i can promise that I will be a little more diligent this time around...Thanks for every one's support, love and encouragement along the way...I never would have had the confidence to turn this little hobby into anything more without all of you!

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